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Electrical Contractors – Residential Electric Repairs in Las Vegas NV


 When living in the city of lights, how can you go for long with an electrical issue?


Welcome, we are a certified team of electricians offering our services in the Las Vegas area. We feel there are many rewards of being certified electricians in the city of light, but this comes with a huge responsibility of you and your family’s safety. Our electricians are qualified technicians who comply with electrical codes, safety rules, set by the local authority to help protect the public. Which is why we make a point to stay updated with local regulations and updates, while keeping your choices in mind.


We offer electrical equipment repair services to home and businesses. Our basic job includes aspects of maintenance, repair, and a full new layout of electricity. We have electricians who have specialized in both maintenance and construction, and are ready to help you. Our professionals will work with you during the various processes, and help come up with a plan that respects the city laws set in place; while keeping in mind your wishes.


We have trained our team to handle all matters with caution, and to make sure they and you are safe at all times. They comply with safety rules set by the city and us, to help ensure everyone's safety.


There are three main types of electricians maintenance, construction, and factory. Each electrician is well educated and experienced in their respective field.


  • Construction electricians are experienced and certified to perform a new system wiring in businesses and homes. We will set up break boxes, electrical outlets, and perform other necessary components depending on your wishes.

  • Maintenance electricians are in charge of repair, inspection, and replacing of the wiring system. We cover everything from electrical faults, to a complete rewire. If you have troubles with your electrical fuse box, faulty wires, light switches, electrical outlets, or breaker boxes you can call us in at any time.

  • Factory electricians help install and undertake maintenance tasks on industrial robots, motors, controls on machinery, and electrical generators.


Our electricians are well trained and qualified for jobs that require any electrical work, if you are not sure of the path you want to go down, call us now and we will set up a meeting. Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to provide you with all the information you might require. Keep in mind that electricity issues should not be taken lightly, as they can cause a fire that can spread through your entire house or business in a matter of minutes.


When facing an electrician issue, we advise you call us rather than interfering in matters you are not equipped or educated to handle. Keep in mind that electrical works that are not done up to code are illegal, and anyone involved in the process can be held liable by the state. So do not make any mistakes, and give us a call now! We will take care of all your electrical needs and make sure all the work is done up to code.

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