We are a team of certified professionals based in Las Vegas, who is offering residential and commercial lighting fixtures services. We are here to take care of all your needs when it comes to lighting, from installation to repairs we have you covered. With the help of lighting we can change the entire ambiance or your home or office. We can offer you various services that are energy efficient, low in cost, and can help increase the brightness level. We are a one stop solution for all your lighting needs. As we are fully equipped to construct an electric system for lightings from the ground up, or we can simply rewire and fix you up with an all new lighting system.


We offer professional services with the help of our qualified and experienced team. Once we have helped you with your lighting needs, you will be set for years to come. Our aim is to offer you a service so perfect, that it can last for years. We are not just helping you by cutting your electricity cost, we will also help you cut down the future needs to call-in electricity professionals. Our team can assess the wiring condition of your home or property, and guide you in the right direction. We are not the kind to take short roots that will cause you more money and trouble in the future. Our services are transparent, and we make a point of keeping you in the loop constantly. With our expert advice, and your input we believe we can achieve the best for you.


We have a team of professionals that specialize in lighting services, and can come up with a proper plan from start till the end. We take time and plan everything according to what we have seen, after which we share our plans with you regarding all the options you have. We feel it is our duty to ensure that every move made should be done according to city code requirements, which is why we take time to do everything according to the state laws.


It is no secret that the discovery of LED lights has taken the world down a more efficient, brighter, and cheaper path. These are high quality lights, which have the ability to reduce your dependence and expenses. LED lights help you save more than 60% energy, which means it uses 60% less energy than standard lights do. LED lights are ideal if you are looking for an affordable, and efficient lifestyle.

Recessed canned LED lights are the most basic type of lighting solution that is seen inside and around homes, offices, and properties. There are numerous types of recesses canned LED lights you can choose from, and the most basic difference is their trim. When picking these lights just for a refitting, make sure they light you are purchasing are the same in size. As there is not much room for various sizes. If you are picking them during remodeling, you can pick any size that you feel will suit you best.

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